What we do

Dot Media is a one-stop-shop for all that you need to make your brand reach for the stars (customers). We are end-to-end service providers that will leave no stone left unturned for the best impression when a consumer comes knocking on your doors.

From the design of your logo to photography, design, and more, we do it all for you. What we offer is an investment for the future of your brand as the initiative we take will last for generations to watch. We will go all out to create brand recall, be it as simple as a whacky design for a poster, producing a viral video, or even use a jet to sky write your message.

who we are

Dot Media is a design, communication, and advertising agency housing inspiration and the best of creative minds under one brand, with offices based in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, and Kolkata.

We listen, guide, and deliver your requisites by bringing only the most insightful and effective ideas to life.

From a minimalistic logo design that would bring value to your brand to web development, digital media marketing, SEO, and outdoor advertising, we offer a host of services that will keep you one step ahead, always.

We are here to bring a change in advertising. Together, let's be the change!


Vamsi krishna

Manging director



David Ravi